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Pathfinder Tales: Pirate's Honor and Pirate's Promise by Chris A. Jackson

The first two tales of Captain Torius Vin and the Stargazer, pirates of good repute in the world of the Pathfinder roleplaying game. Entertaining, and written by someone who actually knows his way around ships! I've introduced them as background NPCs in the game I'm GMing.

The abc's Of Model Railroading

A collection of articles from circa 1978, I picked it up for nostalgia purposes. (My father and I were briefly into model rail around that era.) Vastly out-of-date in many ways, and the variety of articles highlighted how I'm way more interested in some aspects of the hobby than others.

The Darksword Trilogy: Forging The Darksword by Weis & Hickman

I read the first two novels in this series in 1988 (while in Army job training), and never finished the trilogy. I re-read this one in part to see if it was worth finishing. While it's perfectly competent 1980s fantasy (with some imaginative worldbuilding), it doesn't quite cross that threshold. Brief synopsis: In a world where anyone born without magic is killed at birth, the emperor's son is born thus "Dead". An appropriate number of years later, a mysterious young man starts getting in the way of the plans of the powerful and treacherous, and learns the ways of "technology". Mildly entertaining.

Blades In The Dark by John Harper

A fantasy RPG, combing an adjacent-to-the-Apocalypse system with a Thief: The Dark Project setting. The system owes a great deal to Apocalypse World, including standard moves available to all PCs, and special playbooks for specific classes. Also, an emphasis on the GM rolling dice as little as possible, "success with cost" as a basic mechanic, etc. It also has some brilliant rules for handling capers and planning, preventing the time-waste of making a plan when you know something is going to go wrong. The setting is a dark fantasy city, in which the party are criminals on their way up through carefully organized tiers and structures of the underworld. Highly recommended.

D&D: Tales From The Yawning Portal

A collection of D&D dungeons across the decades, adapted for fifth edition. It includes four dungeons from 1978-1981, two from 2000, and one from 2014, which is an interesting spread. I'm dubious that literally nothing from the 90s deserved inclusion, but there are probably publishing realities I'm not privy to. Anyway, many of these are absolute classics Like Tomb Of Horrors and White Plume Mountain, and even the recent ones like Sunless Citadel have some claim to being classics. Recommended.
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