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Apocalypse World 2e by D. Vincent Baker and Meguey Baker

This is the second edition of an influential roleplaying game. The setting is Mad Max-y, mixed with other post-apocalypse media. The system is strongly class-based, with such classes as the Chopper, the Driver, and the Battlebabe. Each class gets their own special powers, and the primary mechanic is rolling 2d6+stat, where "stat" can be either something resembling the stats from other games, or the strength of a relationship, or something else more situational. (To my tepid amusement, this edition never gets around to saying "the basic roll is 2d6". You have to deduce that from scattered hints.) Unusually, the GM never rolls dice; players roll to attack or defend, but the GM just declares situations. Recommended!
The core system of highly-specific-to-genre stats, class-based powers, relationships as stats, etc., has been adapted into other games, such as:

Dungeon World by LaTorra & Koebel

D&D, as Powered By The Apocalypse. This game manages to faithfully embody many of the cliches of D&D, while simultaneously making you look at them in all-new ways. Unlike old AD&D, where the rulebooks seemed to focus on whatever had caught Gygax's eye that day, this game narrows its gaze on the meat of dungeon adventuring. Its handling of "fronts" (the big threats that face the world) is incredibly useful and insightful. Recommended.

Farflung: Sci-Fi Role-Play After Dark by Wallebhaupt et al

This is a posthuman, end-of-time, high space operatric weirdness SF game, Powered By The Apocalypse. Its focus is more vague than the previous two games, since there's a lot of different ways to play SF, but it still brings some good insights to the table. It certainly doesn't stint on anything, including 11 base stats of various sorts (six proper attributes, three kinds of hit points, and two power pools), and a couple dozen classes. The attributes are named top, bottom, strange, charm, up and down, which I find simultaneously twee and inspiring. (I'm noodling a game where your stats are based on the seven operations of alchemy.) The art has a tendency to drift toward the kinky, which may be a plus or minus in your eyes. And, I rather like the underlying system of fueling your powers by turning future into history, which can then be used to inspire people you have a history with. Mildly recommended.

Scooby Apocalypse by Giffen, DeMatteis, and Porter

And what if Scooby was a genetic experiment, Velma was a mad scientist, Daphne was an investigative reporter, and the setting was Burning Man on the day the crypto-zombie apocalypse started? Calling this a darker and grittier reboot is vastly oversimplifying: It's weirder, and bloodier, and isn't afraid to look into the gang's souls. I'm on board for the ride.

X-Men: Lonely Are The Hunted by Thomas, Roth, Heck, and Tuska

This is a fat collection of late-1960s X-Men adventures, long before Wolverine and Storm, but after Lee and Kirby. It features the Factor Three saga, the first appearance of Banshee, and a couple sets of new costumes. Mildly recommended to fans.

Batman And The Outsiders by Barr and Aparo

Batman quits the Justice League and forms his own team of heroes, including Black Lightning, Halo, Metamorpho, and the brand-new character Katana, who has gone on to be DC's most prominent female Asian hero. She is both somewhat cliched — Japanese samurai with dark past, magical sword, strong sense of honor — and refreshingly different from so many other female heroes, in that she's fully dressed, her top isn't skintight, no-one spends any time ogling her, she's a widow, and her role in the team is "big sister". It was good to see the origins of this team, and the handling of Batman's secret ID is fun. Mildly recommended.
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