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  • First technology musing: I wasn't aware ships could communicate while in hyperspace. That changes the underlying assumptions a lot.
  • Second technology musing: I'm really surprised you can jump to hyperspace while within a planet's atmosphere — or, in this case, while technically under the planet's crust. There should have been consequences.
  • So, there were hundreds or thousands of Rebels at the final battle on-and-over Scarif, of whom some-to-all know that the Rebel base is at Yavin. (At an absolute minimum, many of them are pilots who flew to Scarif directly from Yavin.) The Empire did not manage to capture and interrogate any of them?

Date: 2017-01-03 03:36 pm (UTC)
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To me, it seemed like interstellar travel was faster than I previously thought. They were hyperspacing all over the place and it never seemed like it took more than a couple hours at most. In previous films I had the impression that it might be a day or two for even fairly short hops.

I feel that a lot of weird inconsistencies in Star Wars movies can be chalked up to -- The Empire Is Stupid. I mean, that communication dish alignment control is on an exposed gantry at the top of the tower and not, say, in a control room somewhere inside the tower. They just have so much power and arrogance that they miss the blindingly obvious sometimes. When you have an entire galaxy to exploit you can afford a lot of inefficiency and that means that stupid things happen all the time.



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